Where to buy iPhone (iPad / iPod) charger cable

Where to buy iPhone, iPad charger cable


While your iPhone, iPad, iPod charger cable (specifically called Lightning cable) has been broken, what to do next? Surely for another new one. So the question is, Where to buy iPhone, iPad charger cable?


Before that, let’s see how to make an iPhone, iPad, iPod charger cable. See the picture below. 

how to make an iPhone charger cable


When we get to buy an iPhone, iPad, iPod charger cable, we’ve found that there’re so many charger cable with poor quality. And sometimes, these poor quality charger cables will do harm to you and your device. For example, explosion. At this point, all of you who need to replace or replace to a new iPhone, iPad, iPod charger cable, please do follow these tips below. 


General Buying Guide: Do Go For MFi-certified Lightning cable, which refers to Apple’s licensing program and requires developers and prodcut makers to pay fees for this designation.  

Tip 1: Go to Apple Store, selling for anywhere from $19 to $49.

Tip 2: Go to Amazon, selling from $5 to $15. Noticed that some of them are cheap in price, but poor in quality. Do careful choose.

Tip 3: Go Brand Website, for example, Belkin, Mophie, Anker, EasyAcc and etc. 



At last, here I have questions for you:

— What’s been your experience with Lightning cables, cheap and otherwise?

— Have you found long-lasting cheapies?

— Have you paid extra for MFi-certified cables and found them superior?


Let’s blow the lid off this controversial issue — in the comments!

where to buy iPhone charger cable

33 thoughts on “Where to buy iPhone (iPad / iPod) charger cable

  1. I think original cables are the best. I don’t like cheap ones and other brand cables always leave me with doubts. I won’t like buying a new battery because I didn’t use an original cable.


  2. I have been lucky so far and have not had to replace my original cable that came with my iPad. Not looking forward to the day that I do, and will remember this review for help in not getting a copy cable, thank you.


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