How To Charge iPad Pro Faster

How to charge iPad Pro faster

Bigger is better, bigger is in. When Apple finally worked out this problem with widening budget for big screen, this motto isn’t just for smartphone.

The new apple iPad Pro 12.9 is by far Apple’s largest tablet to date. With this new popular product comes a bevy of cool cases, keyboards, styli, and other accessories to help you get the most out of your supersized new tablet.

How To Charge iPad Pro Faster 1 

iPads have always used up more juice than iPhones, as the iPhone only needs a 5W charger to fill up the battery bar, whereas iPads need a 10W charger to adequately charge up. With the iPad Pro Apple, you’d think that it maybe uses a 15W charger or so, but it actually only uses a 12W charger — just a hair better than the next size down.

There is another problem that so many people asked: “Why charge iPad Pro so slowly?”


This iPad charging Tip & Trick for also for all electronic devices:
You can charge an iPad Pro slightly faster by switching on Airplane Mode – but we do mean slightly.
This is because it turns off 4G and Wi-Fi and uses less power while charging. Open Control Centre and tap the plane-shaped icon when charging. So it is the same situation to charge phone faster

According to tests run by ArsTechnica, the apple iPad Pro charges from zero to full in a whopping four and a half hours. This amount of time is taken only under the condition that you do not use the tablet at all during the charging process. Now, the strange this is, Apple ships the iPad Pro with the very same charger that ships with the iPad Air, which is a 12W power adapter, which means the accessory has to put in more effort on the clock to fully charge the massive 10307mAh battery of Cupertino’s new 12.9-inch slate.
See, the thing is, four and a half hours isn’t a long time given the fact that you’re going to charge the tablet overnight most of the time.

How To Charge Apple iPad Pro Faster 2

One user shared his apple iPad Pro charging experience and analyze the reasons.


Yes, the iPad Pro charges SLOWLY. But Why?

So we’ve all heard that the iPad Pro apple is slow to charge, but I’ve been doing some research on the actual numbers and have had some interesting findings. I’m the developer of a battery/charging information app on the App Store called Battery Health and so I am often looking at the innards of iOS devices in terms of batteries and power management. This research is based on live stats reported by the internal charger device driver on the iPad Pro.

iOS devices ship with an internal charger chip (that’s inside the device, NOT the power adapter that ships with it) that is configured to charge the battery at certain rates, depending on several factors. Battery charging speeds are typically measured by a unit called C, which is basically a fraction of the total capacity of the battery. For example, a 1000mAh battery that charges at 0.5C indicates that we’re charging it with a 500mA current, or half of its capacity. The higher the charging current, the faster the battery gets charged. For most iOS devices, the base charging rate for the constant current stage (the early, fast stage in the charging process) is around 0.55-0.65C.


Compare to iPhone 6 Plus:

For example, The iPhone 6 Plus has a 2855mAh battery and it charges at a maximum current of 1730mA, or about 0.60C. The iPhone 6s Plus has a slightly smaller 2725mAh battery, and its maximum charging current is 1790mA, or about 0.65C, so it charges a bit faster than the 6 Plus. Some Android phones will go much faster, up to .80C or even 1C. The catch is that faster charging shortens the overall life of the battery, so quite honestly Apple is playing it very safe with these kind of numbers, which is why their batteries tend to last so long.

Now, the Apple iPad Pro has a gigantic 10,088mAh (38.3W) battery, but its maximum input current at the USB port is only 2400mA (12W, same as all other recent iPads). When you charge an iPad Pro, its charger is configured at 0.55C, same as many other iOS devices. The problem is that with a 10,088mAh battery, that comes to 5560mA, or 28W.

How To Charge Apple iPad Pro Faster 3


Needs the 28W Charger

This means that the iPad Pro technically needs a 28W charger to charge at optimal speed — at the INTENDED speed. The 12W charger it ships with is only supplying 40% of the current required to charge it at maximum speed.

What’s more alarming is the fact that if you push the Pro hard (full screen brightness, LTE video streaming, etc.), its current draw sometimes actually reaches 2400mAh! This means that you could be plugged in with the 12W Apple brick while using it, and the battery won’t actually get charged.

Note that as best as I can tell, the device is configured for a maximum input current of 2400mAh at the Lightening port (again, that’s what the device is reporting), so be wary of any 3rd party chargers that claim to charge it faster than the stock charger. I’ve not seen anything like that, but it seems like a likely scam…

For now, the bottom line is, make sure to charge your Apple iPad Pro while it is in standby with the screen turned off. It will barely charge while being used, even with the 12W charger.

How To Charge Apple iPad Pro Faster 4

Did you try any of these suggestions? What do you do to make your apple ipad pro 12.9 charge faster? Let us know in the comments.

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How To Charge iPad Pro Faster》有48个想法

  1. I have an iPad Mini 2 and notice that the charging even for this smaller version takes a while with the supplied charger…

    1. Hey Qboss, yes, but I do think that apple will release the more powerful charger later.
      We also share other info to help you know how to charge phone faster.
      So glad if it could help you.

  2. Recently I bought a little unit całlled usb capacity/charging meter. It shows voltage/amperage and capacity of charged device.
    I waited until iPro discharged to 1%, then turned it off and started to charge with 12w charger via usb meter. I left it for night .
    Early morning I checked it. Unit showed over 10000mAh but it was still charging . Meter shows still 0.15 ampere of charging. Charging process stops when A value is 0.00. Unfortunately iPad turned on automatically when fully charged so I can’t tell real value but it was over 10000mAh
    I realized that something wrong when I saw almost 12000mAh ;-( I don’t know why it turned on itself so I can’t tell real value.
    Now Pencil finished its first charge with 0075mAh.

  3. Today I fully charged iPad Pro again when it turned off automatically.
    Fully charged value: 10929mAh.
    With 12W charger process started with 2A value.
    Same charger starts charging with 1A for iPhones and iPads.
    That’s why charging time is comparable for all iOS devices.
    4 year old iPad3 shows ~3800mAh.

  4. I never knew ANY od that! ….duh… glad I read this, very useful to clueless people like me!

  5. This is an interesting read. It is always useful to find out how you can charge a gadget quicker as they run out of battery life so quickly nowadays!

  6. I have two iPad Pro’s and it is only this one that takes a long time to charge. ? (Why)? I can plug this iPad Pro in when I get home at night and when I get up the next morning and check the battery on this iPad Pro, it has taken the whole night to charge from 1% to 30%. ? (Why) does it take so long? This is so exasperating ?!!!!!!!

    1. Dear Tasha, I’m afraid you need to check the charger and cable first, try to replace them, if the problem still exists, I suggest you to take your iPad Pro to the Apple shop for help, it might be battery defect issue.


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