♫EasyAcc X’mas Celebration Party 2015♫

 XMAS At EasyAcc, Christmas is all about celebration. We want to bring happiness and joy to all of you who have been supporting us all the time. We believe It’s time for EasyAcc to give something wonderful back. So here we are, holding the biggest Christmas party and offering you plenty of opportunities to get the best Xmas gifts and happiness from EasyAcc! What are you waiting for? The party invitation is right here: www.easyacc.com/christmas-gift-2015
So what’s in there? Have a look and get yourself prepared!


We have created a Xmas tree full of #EasyAcc gifts, and all you need to do is just a simple click ‘SHAKE”
Let’s see what you get, and don’t forget, you can shake this tree everyday until you get plenty of gifts for yourself!
1.Each participant will get 3 opportunities each day at most to shake the tree and get surprise gift; 2.Enhancing your opportunity to get more gifts by sharing the “Gift Tree” to your social media (so don’t forget to share this game by clicking the Facebook/Twitter bottom next to the tree)

      BLESS TREE       Party Activity No.2 – Pray for Peace, and light up the blessing tree

We have witnessed too many tragedies in the world this year, Ebola in west Africa, Civil war in Syria, massive killing in Paris, etc. We all love peace and hate to see any life lost to either natural disaster or wars. Please, let’s spare a moment, remember the lost, pray for peace, and hope there is more understanding, more tolerance, more happiness and smiles next year. And join us to light up the blessing tree by pressing the ‘Bless’ bottomon the right.


It’s the perfect time to give yourself a little bit of seasonal cheer by decorating your desktop or tablet or phone with beautiful Christmas wallpapers. This Christmas, EasyAcc has designed 6 fabulous Christmas wallpapers for you to cheer up even while you’re working in front of your boring PC display. You could download the wallpapers below, for PC/tablet and phone both. Download Christmas Wallpapers: www.easyacc.com/blog/?p=2157 While setting the wallpaper on your PC desktop or phone screen, you could also have the chance to win your surprise gift by sharing the screen capture image on your facebook or twitter and @ EasyAcc official. Wish all a Merry Christmas!!!

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