A Best-Value for Your Hard Earned Dollars


Storage enclosures, while being rather simple devices, serve a large purpose for many users and with so many different solutions on the market, certainly you need a bit of help finding the solution fit for your needs.

The EasyAcc USB 3.0 enclosure is a 2.5” solution catering to those wanting to use an exsiting drive for external storage. And it is compatible with both the 9.5mm and 7mm sized form factors and offers an easy plug and play connection to your data.

Just be a simple enclosure? Nope, it incorporates several features to ensure data integrity including shock protection, overcurrent and overvoltage proteciton.

For tesing it, EasyAcc has invited TweakTwon to engage in a in-depth review on it.


And for testing it, TweakTown loaded the Intel 730 SSD into the enclosure.

Here are the review data, or refer to the original post:


7133_10_easyacc-usb-3-storage-enclosure-review_full 7133_11_easyacc-usb-3-storage-enclosure-review_full

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